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Being a runner and living in China means running at least one time the Great Wall Marathon is a must. But first of all it was necessary to decide for one of the  different events. The name of the races are almost the same and therefore searching the internet for "Great Wall Marathon" can cause a lot of confusion. Below are links to the different events. Have a look to the Picture Gallery for more pictures.


 Here are some pictures:

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More pictures can be found in the Picture Gallery.

Here are links to Marathon events on the Great Wall which I found in the internet for 2015:

JinShanLing Great Wall Marathon on April 19th, 2015:

Great Wall Of China Marathon on May 1st, 2015:

Great Wall Marathon on May 16th, 2015:

Furthermore a German Travel Agency organizes a Marathon on the Wall in September (which takes not place in 2015)

Great Wall Marathon in September:

And here two links to websites on which the differences between the events are explained: